Year of the Hare

A video project by Fucked Up & Trevor Blumas
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Year of the Hare 12" record is out June 15th, 2015
on Deathwish Records. Preorder: https://fuckedup.merchtable.com
Concept - Mike Haliechuk & Josh Zucker, Director/Editor - Trevor Blumas, D.O.P. - Andrew Matthews, Production Manager - Tedde Rae Albertson, Assistant Director - Akash Bansal, Art Direction - Jaclyn Blumas, Colorist - Adam Kemp, Developer - Jordan Shaw
Special Thanks: Graham Pratt, Kate Rodrigues, The Gabardine, Elise Ward, Ian Sirret, Christopher Isherwood, Jaclyn Blumas, Alex Meeks, Allie Blumas, Dan Vila
Cast: Josh Zucker, Mike Haliechuk, Jonah Falco, Amelia Goodlet, Jaclyn Blumas, Elise Ward, Ian Sirret, Jonathan Rogers, Akash Bensal, Mike Gibraltar, Lior Pasternak
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